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depth of hPLUS

modular, flexible and simple for any bank's needs


The hPLUS™ solution supports multi-currency, multi-branch accounting systems and unlike conventional banking applications, end-of-day processing can be done from any geogriphical location in the network. Inter-branch reconciliation is also done automatically. 


The workflow follows an event-action model. This means that busy executives can subscribe to balance sheet events that are triggered via an event monitor using the integrated mail transport. This monitor can also be extended to external mail client applications. 


The system alerts decision makers when crucial events occur at the bank. For example, the relationship manager is notified in case of a large deposit and withdrawal, or senior management is alerted in the event there are excesses over pre-sanctioned limits. 


Multiple complex limit systems offered by hPLUS™ tracks customer limits while taking into account various levels of complexities. Limits can be combined in various ways with sub-limits across multiple product lines in multiple branches in multiple currencies. 


managing risk


The hPLUS™ analytical tool (hAT) is a powerful decision making utility for day to day banking operations such as account analysis, risk management and credit decisions. Its flexible architecture allows accounts to be grouped at various levels for analysis. Grouping can be client-specific, category-specific, or ad-hoc via different query interfaces. Drill-down features with multiple views across branches, zones and countries are also available and enable effortless global monitoring of all activities. 

























It is also possible to pass selected sets of accounts through the hAT tool from other options in hPLUS™. Profitability, turnover analysis, plotting of graphs, currency and stock emulation are only some of the various features available in this tool. Additionally, data from newly added modules appear automatically in hAT due to hPLUS™ integrated architecture. 


Another core strength of hPLUS™ is its external interfacing mechanism. This includes an integrated advanced teller system with automated cheque reading, integrated signature and document scanning, cheque printing, automated clearing systems, SWIFT interfaces, trading platform, Web & Mobile interfaces and integrated payment gateways, to name a few.


advance trade finance capabilities


The hPLUS™ Trade Finance module is designed to support either a fully centralized or branch based operation. The solution handles the complete document management cycle, including document reception, scanned images, automatically prints LCs in UCP 500 compliant format and covering schedules for all Trade Finance related activities. 


The application maintains the full lifecycle history - opening, amendments, document reception, payment, settlement, etc. for both import and export LCs including Transferable LCs , receives incoming LCs and converts them into outgoing messages (inclusive of nested messages) and transfers funds immediately through SWIFT. 













The module is connected to the hPLUS™ hAT, Limit, Lien and Memo applications thereby providing highly effective tools for mitigation of risk and greater management control. This enables banks to provide effective customer service and efficient delivery times due to standardization and elimination of end-to-end bottlenecks. 



























The solution is also tightly integrated with hPLUS™ delivery channels and empowers clients to handle their entire trade finance needs over the WEB, Mobile and Fax channels including access to their ACK SWIFT messages. 


regorous compliance engine


Regulatory compliance capabilities supporting OFAC, FSA, FINCIN, SFBC, UAE Central Bank, SBP, Reserve Bank of South Africa and any other customised database filters are tightly integrated and managed through the "single gateway" transaction processing system. The dynamic four-eyes principle is built-in as both compliance and control features adding inherent compliance capabilities to hPLUS™. Blacklist token management process qualified transactions. 


The system enables geographically distributed transaction lifecycles. This enhances transaction flows in hPLUS™ which are designed to inherently fulfil due diligence requirements across Multi-regulatory environments. 


basel II - ready for upcoming capital calculation

































Risk Management components like Value at Risk, Credit Rating systems and Operational Risk components are built in with strong controls and designed to fulfill Basel II requirements.


  • Adherence to Basel II Reporting Standards

  • Interfaces for specific or ad hoc real-time querying

  • Basel II - FX Forward Credit Risk Exposure calculated for all FX Forward Deals

  • Built-in value at risk & credit rating reporting tools

  • Four eyes principle -the same individual cannot post & authorize a transaction

  • Captures Operational Loss Events

  • Inbuilt Risk Management tool to asses & analyze combined credit risk in real-time

  • Integrated with hPLUS™ Analytical Tool (hAT)

  • Paperless rating of Corporate Customers with Audited Balance Sheet

  • Rating Configuration Tool delivers Rating Ratio Values for evaluating corporate, Retail, Bank & Country risk

  • A step by step derivation of Lorenz Curve & PD Values

  • hPLUS™ Collateral Management Tool - mark / manage client's underlying collateral exposure


understanding the customer


Understanding the customer is paramount in any business. hPLUS™ has built-in sophisticated data mining capabilities that can be used to discover hidden client relationships. Not only does this help the bank protect its own interests but also allows bankers to effortlessly understand their clients' financial needs, thereby allowing the bank to deliver client-specific products and solutions. 


integrated delivery channels - empowering clients - anytime anywhere


hPLUS™ has extended its event-action model to the delivery channel layer. 


This allows bank customers to manage their accounts in real time from the channel of their choice. 


The electronic banking offering is comprehensive with over a hundred options for customers to transact and query their accounts in real-time. Extensive payments capabilities are provided from the WEB, WAP, IVR, phone, mobile (GPRS, 3G) and ATM extensions. Detailed account history downloadable in multiple formats including MS Excel™ Text and XML are readily available. 











The hPLUS™ mobile CRAM security model is the first of it's kind in the global banking sector. This ensures that online banking customers using the solution benefit from four levels of security to protect their information and literally have the power of access in their own hands.


The hPLUS™ SMS gateway provides true event-based SMS messaging-selected by the customer pushing account information in real-time. On notification of a transaction (including remittance and trade shipments), customers can access their accounts via Internet or Mobile channels. 




























Multiple login and work-flow management has been extended down to the customer level. Moreover, electronic letters of credit, secure fund transfers and SWIFT message confirmations are also available for clients in real time. 


extensive web and mobile suite


Enable customers to manage their accounts conduct financial transactions in real time from a secure channel of their choice -branch network, Tel/IVR, FAX, Web and Mobile (3G, GPRS & WAP) 

  • Over 100 querying and transactional capabilities

  • Secure, real-time online transaction functionality

  • Unified account management - view all accounts on one screen

  • Workflow management - login administration allows controlled access to multiple authorized users

  • CMS - secure third party payments via SWIFT

  • View authenticated SWIFT messages

  • CRAM - enhanced security feature

  • GSM - event driven push service, SMS alerts for client selected transactions and/or upon web login

  • Account statement - view and download historic data in real time in either Excel™ / XML

  • Real-time bill payment gateway

  • Cheque book - online replenishment

  • Trade - 24x7 online portfolio trading for US and UAE Capital Markets with SMS confirmation

  • eLC - full trade finance cycle available online

  • ePAY - automated payroll solution

  • ATM security - activate / deactivate ATM card online


security across the platform-banking is all about security


Robust security and tight controls are major components of hPLUS™. Any change of information in the system (not necessarily financial data) is considered a transaction. As a result, all transactions pass through the business and security control rules defined in the core of the hPLUS™ system. Hundreds of rules, control and monitor balances, cash advances, dormant & black listed accounts, client information, etc. 

Rules are dynamically added when business agreements with customers change. Rules are applicable not only to client accounts but also to other general accounts. For example, an expenditure account can be monitored for budgeted figures in the same manner as a client account can be monitored for sanctioned limits. 


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