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BiLOGiC Systems Inc. is a banking and financial technology solutions provider based in Dubai, U.A.E. BiLOGiC developed the world's first integrated enterprise JAVA™ banking solution, hPLUS™ 








BiLOGiC's domain knowledge has been developed through its immersion in the operational aspects of the international banking sector. This experience has allowed the company to build it's successful support and implementation competencies in delivering sophisticated financial technology solutions; with successful deployments in multi-regulatory environments spanning Europe, North America, Middle East, Asia and Africa.  BiLOGiC has international sales, development, implementation and support capabilities in multiple countries. 


The company's products cover the full spectrum of the banking domain from functional modules such as Core Banking, Consumer & Corporate, Trade Finance, Credit Management, Basel II Risk Management, Compliance, Online Trading and Asset Management, etc. to functionality-rich Delivery Channels such as WEB, Mobile, IVR, etc. The company also offers a range of JAVA™ based payment gateways such as ISO 8583, Maestro-Cirrus, VISA, FEDWIRE, CHIPS, SWIFT and FIX. BiLOGiC is in an unique position to deliver a complete solution encompassing integrated technology, unmatched software pricing and rapid deployment. 

The fact that hPLUS™ is completely designed and implemented in JAVA™ means that it provides for platform independence and facilitates multi-tier architectures. This allows for more options and flexibility in designing the physical infrastructure, so the infrastructure becomes more cost-efficient and inherently has greater security. 

(Chris Cornelius, Managing Director, SUN Microsystems MENA)

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