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support & services

BiLOGiC Systems Inc. is a software solution provider that is recognized for its with good and strong relationship with it's clients, based on its firm commitment and dedication towards customer support, specialist expertise and education & training.    


customer support


Customer care and onward support is the prime responsibility of the BiLOGiC team. We believe after sales service is of greater importance to any service-oriented organization. In order make this possible we provide both off-site (i.e. online) and on-site support depending on the severity of the matter to our clients. 


BSI believes in providing high standards of support & services to its client and has achieved a successful implemention of Cobit-5.  Refer to Support Escalation Matrix.  


specialist expertise


As a part of our customer service, we also believe in the sharing of domain knowledge with our clients in order to assist them with implementing better business processes and procedures to improve their products and services. The BiLOGiC team members have all worked in the banking environment and thus bring a business focused approach to any problem-resoluion. This skill set is further enhanced by their real-world technical knowledge of software, hardware, networking and business procedures 


education & training


Educating and training client teams is another area where BiLOGiC focuses on knowledge transfer. We use a combination of the traditional classroom approach and advanced onsite real-time training environment for educating our clients. A Train-the-Trainer methodology is used and supported by detailed System & User documentation. Both classroom (Theoretical concepts) and practical training (Electronic Learning) facilities are at the customer's disposal. We offer flexible training programs, thereby allowing client's to select a schedule of courses tailored to their requirements. 


The BiLOGiC Learning Suite enables e-learning and provides referral studies for its clients with the help of the following:


  • Interactive e-learning materials - using development database

  • Training Documentation

  • LIVE Onsite Training

    • Comprehensive end-user training manuals

    • MS PowerPoint presentations

    • DHTML-based presentations embedded with macromedia Flash/Macromedia

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