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product overview

the solution - hPLUS™ banking system


hPLUS™ delivers a single, tightly integrated system for banks that have traditionally installed core systems for client information, accounting, deposits and loans, with complex interfaces to stand alone applications ranging from Trade Finance and Fund Transfer to Compliance Monitoring. Integration and management issues related to multiple systems with different platforms, operating systems and databases continue to challenge the industry in terms of increased costs, growing volumes, and operational risk management. hPLUS™ is a solution that addresses these issues with a focus on online transaction processing, decision support resulting in the reduction of operational risk. It uniquely incorporates and integrates functionality and utilities onto one platform, thereby reducing dependency on multiple business solution vendors and technology systems. This ensures rapid delivery and strong Return On Investment (ROI). BiLOGiC's single integrated enterprise solution reduces the Total Cost of Procurement (TCP) and the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) significantly. The TCO payback on procurement can be within a year with savings continuing year on year.


hPLUS schematic 


hPLUS™ is a fully functional banking platform that by design provides for multi-channel capabilities, local and international banking operations, integrated payment gateways and much more. These multi-value parts of the system do not have to be implemented channels as they are closely integrated with the core system. 



























The hPLUS™ single integrated platform delivers: 


  • Single centralized server, unified customer database

  • Integrated front, middle, operational & settlement functions

  • Tightly integrated - focus on online transaction processing

  • High degree of Straight-through-processing (STP)

  • Handles multi-regulatory environments

  • Head office, local & international branch management

  • Real time cross product management for clients

  • Rapid deployment of new products

  • Extensive Risk Management capabilities

  • Strong Compliance & Monitoring tools

  • Enhanced Security & Control mechanisms

  • Dramatically reduces support costs - elimination of redundancies

  • Platform Independent & Scalable - built for expansion

  • Technology that translates into true ROI


Seamlessly integrated functionality from hPLUS™ eliminates the need for stand alone 3rd party modules; hPLUS™ has one core value - seamless integration. 


added benefits


  • What in many cases may be considered separate software applications (resulting in additional costs) in other solutions, is part of the basic design of hPLUS™ - thereby reducing costs and implementation challenges. 

  • Comprehensive Decision Support & Reporting Tools

  • Integrated Credit Management

  • Basel II Risk Management

  • End-to-end Trade Finance capabilities

  • Treasury & Trading Systems

  • Profitability - Asset & Liability Management

  • Administration - HR, IT Monitoring, etc.

  • Seamlessly integrated multi-channel delivery

  • Integrated ATM Switch - Wincor, NCR & Diebold

  • Integrated Payment Gateways - UAE Switch, GCC Net, MDS, VISA, Threshold, CU-Connect, MNET, 1-Link, SWIFT, FEDWIRE


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