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BiLOGiC Systems Inc. is committed to achieve best practice corporate governance.  The Company has adopted international guidelines with a view to maintain the highest IT Services and development standards.


general management


The General Management is responsible for the Company's overall performance.  It approves Company's goals and directions, plans and performance and ensures appropriate policies, procedures and systems are in place.


  • Syam S. Pillai - Director (Technical)

  • Asha R. Gehani - Director

  • Syed Ahmed Ali - Director (Pakistan)

  • M. Sajid Sagarwala - Managing Director


senior architects


Senior Architects are technology experts who have continuously and successfully contributed towards the development of hPLUS solution.


  • Haja Alavudeen

  • Sreekumar 

  • Murtaza Ali


senior developers


A team of fifteen plus (15+) experienced Senior Developers who are constantly and professionally managing projects for their clients.




BSI has a team of twenty-five plus (25+) highly qualified Developers engaged in fulfilling users/clients requirements with especial consideration to quality and customer support.


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