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development cycle

Development of the symbolic hPLUS™ banking solution began in 1994 with the release of Version 1, developed in C++, followed by continuous improvement and enhancement to date.
































Version 1 of hPLUS™ was developed in C++ in 1994 and a year later, in 1995, various upgraded versions were released and deployed in the Middle East in twelve branches and two countries. The enterprise-wide JAVA™ based version was developed in 1996 and subsequently deployed in all Middle East sites and rolled out to Asia, Europe, North America and Africa. 


The JAVA™ based ATM Switch was developed in 1999, followed by the simultaneous launch of WEB, WAP and GSM banking services, including on-line bill payments, in 2000 (after a short development period of one month). 


In 2001, hPLUS™ was awarded the "Middle East Innovation Award" and electronic Letters of Credit were released. 2002 saw the product earn its second recognition award, the "Dubai Quality Appreciation Award". GPRS enabled mobile banking was also launched the same year. 


Further recognition followed in 2003 with the prestigious "Sheikh Khalifa Award", accompanied with the release of PDA banking (conceptualized and launched within 48 hours), and Fax banking services. This was followed in 2004 by hPLUS™ receiving "Banker ME Award for The Best Implementation - Financial Sector". In 2005, hPLUS™ received the globally acclaimed "ComputerWorld Honours Programme - Laureate & Global Finalist Awards". This was immediately followed by the receipt of "Banker ME Award - Best Use Of Technology, 2005". 


A number of other critical applications such as Basel II compliant Risk Management System, eCredit Processing were launched and the entire Trade Finance Cycle (UPC600 compliant) were also brought on line over the past two years. The BiLOGiC team also implemented the system at Sumit Bank (formerly AHRB) in record time and successfully set up an independent Data Center and DR site in Zurich, Switzerland for the HBZ group.

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